Advanced People Counting Systems
A.I. Enabled

We are an Italian company specialized in design and production of the first system able to count people anonymously with high accuracy.

The Anti-Camera Secure & Accurate

Unlike cameras, our devices generates highly accurate people-count data.

All solution

Research & Development

We spent two years of passionate and constant work of research and development to realize our final product.

AI development

We found a model of supervised machine learning that make our products unique and accurate.

Early Adopters

For months, we've been involved in testing our solution with the major co-working offices in Turin.

Production Stage

After the prototype validation, we are currently organizing mass production to serve our clients.

Platform & Integration

Access your data from anywhere with our Platform or build your own integration with our Dropper API.

Our device uses Machine Learning to understand people flows.

We proudly designed the Drop Counter.
It listens to signals emitted by mobile-phones to measure the number of people inside a space. We don't track you, all the data acquired are first encrypted and then completely destroyed on board of our device.

Coming Soon

Team use Dropboard to understand how people use buildings and spaces.

Dropper’s A.I. sensor network creates a live link between the places you manage and the people you serve. Organizations use Dropper to ensure building systems, spaces, and services keep occupants safe and happy.

Don't miss anything. Our sensors are designed to provide fresh data.

Dropper software analyzes data every minute enabling the dashboard to visualize the correct number of people at a given time. The daily graph is stored on our databases and is used to make future predictions on utilization. In this way, managers can schedule better facility operations, match food ordering and amenities.

Measuring your growth rate, give a boost to your business.

With our unique solution we are able to measure the loyal customer rate of a retail shop. Our algorithm is able to distinguish between new and returning visitors, by integrating this data with the number of customers who've purchased, our dashboard calculates the growth rate of your shop.

Manage better you space and keep everything under control.

Reduce costs measuring underutilized space to consolidate square footage or to avoid waste in future programming. Gain a intuitive UI to manage your building and accurate data on how each room, floor, and building is used.

Our Early Adopters

Co-working spaces using our technology


Retail Shops

Smart Cities


Higher Education

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